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1. How to track a Colissimo package?

Tracking packages with Colissimo is a fast and straightforward process when using - simply enter your tracking code into the search bar on our homepage and you'll be able to view current updates of the package's location and estimated delivery time. This allows you to stay up-to-date with the progress of your shipment, so you can stay informed about its journey from start to finish.

2. How long does Colissimo take to deliver a package?

The shipping times for Colissimo services may vary, depending on the type of delivery option chosen. On, you can review the various estimated delivery durations and prices, enabling you to select the one which fits your needs and timeline best.

3. What does "In Transit, Arriving Late" mean on Colissimo tracking?

This message suggests that the item is taking more time than expected to get to its destination, possibly due to external factors such as bad weather or navigation issues along the route. You can find out additional info about this situation at, including possible explanations for the delay in transit and approximate dates of arrival and any impact this has on the package's ultimate delivery time.

4. Is it possible for Colissimo to modify the delivery address of a package?

Yes, in some cases it may be feasible to change the delivery address of a package via Colissimo. provides tutorials which explain the steps needed to apply to adjust the address if the incorrect one was provided during the sending process, as well as how to make the necessary amendments.

5. How do I file a claim for a lost package with Colissimo?

If an item sent with Colissimo doesn't make it to its intended recipient, you may be eligible to claim compensation from the courier. Our website includes an extensive guide on how to begin the claims process, such as the qualifications which need to be met to be eligible for reimbursement, what documentation must be presented and the specific methods to be followed correctly.

6. What does "Delivered to Agent" mean on the Colissimo tracking?

This status implies that the parcel was passed on to a third-party on your behalf, who is responsible for ensuring it reaches its receiver. To learn more, visit to review all of the data about who was given the package and where it is currently located, so you can determine exactly where it is heading and when it should arrive.

7. How to arrange for a pickup of a package with Colissimo?

To guarantee that your mail is collected without any difficulties through Colissimo, check out the comprehensive instructions listed on our website. Adhering to these steps guarantees that your item is rapidly sent to the right person, helping to avoid any unwanted delays.

8. What is Colissimo Priority Delivery?

Colissimo Priority Delivery is a secure and dependable method of sending items, with tracking and insurance coverage. At, you can access all vital info about this service, including the transit timetable and cost, giving you the power to decide which option is preferable for your needs.

9. How do I apply for a refund from Colissimo? offers a thorough guide on how to submit an official application for a refund from Colissimo. Note that meeting the criteria for repayment requires specific conditions and you have to follow the steps necessary for filling out the form accurately, making sure that all required documents are included.

10. What is the maximum weight limit for a Colissimo package?

The maximum weight restriction for Colissimo packages varies based on the service used. Have a look at to pick the most suitable one for you, with the weight limits for each option posted here, meaning you can pick the most appropriate package for what you are sending.

11. What is the cost of Colissimo First-Class Delivery?

On, you can examine the pricing of Colissimo First-Class Delivery, as well as potential discounts for bulk orders, giving you the chance to adjust your budget according to the fees and the packages which offer the most value. Here, you can obtain all applicable information and make an educated decision.

12. What is Colissimo Media Delivery?

Colissimo Media Delivery is an economical system of mailing media items such as books, CDs and DVDs. At, you can locate facts about the transit period and cost of Colissimo Media Delivery, along with advice on how to monitor the status of your certified mail, so you can rest assured that everything arrives safely and securely.

13. How to cancel Colissimo mail forwarding?

To access detailed instructions on how to terminate the Colissimo forwarding service, refer to the comprehensive guide on our website. This outlines the measures needed to end the forwarding process, making sure that any mail sent is directed to the correct address and that no mistakes occur.

14. What are the differences between Colissimo Priority Delivery and First-Class Delivery?

Take a look at for a comparison of Colissimo Priority Delivery and First-Class Delivery, supplying you with a thorough understanding of the various transit times, costs and features, enabling you to pick the option that is most suitable for your individual circumstances.

15. How to track an international package with Colissimo?

To track an international package with Colissimo, just key in the tracking number into the search bar on the homepage of our website at This gives you access to real-time updates concerning the present state of the package and notifications, allowing you to monitor its progress from sending through to delivery.

16. How to adjust the expected delivery date for a Colissimo package?

Our website provides clear advice on how to alter the delivery date for a Colissimo package, highlighting the measures needed for applying for a different delivery date, ensuring that you are aware of any modifications and the package is received at the desired time.

17. What is Colissimo Certified Delivery?

Colissimo Certified Delivery provides proof of mailing important documents and other items, plus verification of delivery. At, you can find information about the transit interval and cost of Colissimo Certified Delivery, and guidance on how to monitor the status of your certified mail, so that you can be confident that it is getting to its destination intact.

18. How to open a Colissimo PO Box?

To get a Colissimo PO Box, have a look at the detailed guide on our website. This outlines the required steps to select and reserve the box at your local post office, assuring that you have all the information in place to receive your mail without difficulty.

19. How to perform a change of address with Colissimo? has details about how to initiate a Colissimo change of address, guaranteeing that you take the correct actions to ensure that all post is sent to the new address, avoiding any potential confusion or mistakes.

20. How to check the Colissimo holiday schedule? provides detailed info about the Colissimo holiday schedule, including the days that Colissimo marks off as holidays and how this impacts the collection and delivery of your mail, allowing you to make any necessary revisions to your mailing plans if required.

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