Global Package Tracking Platform

Support 800+ carriers, easily to track your shipments worldwide.

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One-stop Platform Integrating with Carriers Worldwide

  • Quick Track Global Package

    Support 800+ carriers, track your package with Track123 API.

  • Automatically Push Tracking Info

    Updating data in real-time and automatically pushing the data by webhook allow you to get tracking information at any time.

  • Guaranteed by The Professionals

    24/7 online technical service, connect your system with stable and reliable API fast.

Intelligent Tracking Solution

  • Comprehensive Tracking Information

    Automatically identify the carriers based on the tracking numbers, provide comprehensive and real-time tracking information.

  • Multi-point Monitoring

    Cover key points of logistics tracking information such as "departed", "delivery" and "arrival", provide multi-point monitoring of package status.

  • Multi-language Tracking Information

    Provide multi-language logistics tracking information and meet the needs of people from different countries.

Batch Tracking and Logistics Data Analysis

  • Batch Track Logistics Infomation

    Track up to 5000 tracking numbers at one time by importing data with Excel or API.

  • Display Logistics Data by Status

    Automatically track and display information according to the logistics status such as "pending" and "in transit", so as to find problems in time.

  • Multi-dimensional Filtering and Bulk Tracking

    Batch track the specific parcels by filtering dimensions such as time, carrier, destination, etc.

Shopify Order Tracking App

  • Branded Order Tracking Page

    Auto generate your branded tracking page which fit your Shopify theme perfectly.

  • Buyers Can Track Their Orders at any Time

    Provide Amazon-style order tracking services, greatly improve shopping experience for your customers.

  • Email Notification

    Automatically send email notifications about logistics tracking details to your customers and reduce your workload.

Multi-dimensional Tracking

  • Multi-terminal Tracking

    Mobile and PC terminals are both available. Users can get logistics tracking information at any time and any place.

  • Multi-language Tracking

    Multi-country and multi-language function can meet the tracking needs of people around the world.

  • Providing Service for Multi Role

    Both sellers and buyers can make full use of Track123 tracking service.

Covering 800+ Carriers Worldwide

Individuals and companies are both available to get package tracking information.

Why Track123?

Use Track123, track your global packages

High Stability of Logistics Tracking

Automatic identification of carriers

Precise control by nodes of logistics process

Getting stable connection with official API

Accuracy over

Efficient System Integration

Be able to connect with third-party systems

Allow batch tracking

Automatically push logistics tracking information

Supported Carriers

High Stability of Logistics Tracking

Automatic statistics of logistics

No labor-intensive analysis required

Easily manage by multi-dimensional filtering

One minute to track

10000+ Consistent Choice of High-quality Enterprises

Get Every Tracking Details of Your Package Around the World

Choose Track123, track your shipments at any time