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1. How to track a package with 139express?

To track your package with 139express, simply go to our website at track123.com and enter the tracking number into the search bar. Our system will provide real-time updates about the location of your package, including an estimated delivery time, potential delays that could affect its expected arrival time, and the option to add or edit the delivery address if necessary. Additionally, you can register to receive regular email notifications regarding the status of your package, allowing you to stay up-to-date without having to continually check the progress.

2. How long does 139express take to deliver a package?

The delivery length for packages shipped with 139express can vary depending on the service selected. We list the estimated transit times for each of their services on our website at track123.com, allowing you to plan ahead for the arrival of your package. These estimates are based on the origin and destination addresses of the package, as well as the day and time the package is shipped, so these may be subject to change depending on any seasonal weather or unexpected delays.

3. What does “In Transit, Arriving Late” mean on 139express tracking?

This status usually indicates that your package is experiencing a delay in its expected delivery timeline. We have more information related to this status, including potential causes of the issue and updates as they become available, on our website at track123.com. Common causes of delays may include inclement weather conditions, the volume of packages being handled by the shipping carrier, or an issue with the package itself. Additionally, the postal service can suspend certain services at certain times or locations due to public holidays or strikes, preventing your package from reaching its destination on time.

4. Can 139express change the delivery address?

Yes, under certain circumstances, 139express may be able to change the delivery address of a package. We have detailed instructions on our website explaining how to make such a request, including documents necessary to support the address change, such as proof of identity and a valid reason for the address change. If the request is approved, we will update the tracking information accordingly and the package will be redirected to the new address.

5. How to file a 139express claim for a lost package?

If you believe your package was shipped with 139express and has gone missing, you may be eligible for compensation. Track123.com has a comprehensive guide to initiating a claim, which includes information such as the value of the package’s contents, the original shipment date and time, and any supporting documents that may help your case, including delivery receipts and packaging images. Depending on the severity of the issue, a full refund may be possible, however smaller claims may not result in a refund.

6. What does “Delivered to Agent” mean on 139express tracking?

This status tells you that your package was accepted by an authorized representative, who can accept packages on your behalf. We provide more details about this status on our website, such as the name of the recipient and the current location of the package. This status may also appear prior to the package being shipped, as it signifies that the package has been received by the carrier and is awaiting shipment.

7. How to schedule a 139express package pickup?

If you need your package to be picked up by 139express, then our website has a step-by-step guide to help you get your package ready for pickup, such as packing it correctly and using the right labels and paperwork. We also provide instructions on how to contact the postal service to arrange the pickup, and information on what items cannot be sent via this method. Additionally, you can use our shipping calculator to estimate the cost of the package and delivery time.

8. What is 139express Priority Mail?

139express Priority Mail offers features such as tracking numbers, insurance coverage up to a certain amount, fast delivery of 1-3 days in most cases, and access to Package Pickup at many locations. We provide details on the cost and estimated delivery times on our website, usually quicker than standard options. Customers can also request to have packages held at a Post Office for pickup, enabling them to retrieve packages at their own convenience.

9. How to request a refund from 139express?

Track123.com has helpful information regarding how to request a refund from 139express, including what kind of evidence, like a receipt, pictures of damaged items, or other documents, are necessary for a successful request. We also list the conditions which qualify for a refund, such as incorrect address on the label, late arrival, and failure to deliver the package on time. If your request is approved, 139express will make sure you receive the full value of your package within 7-10 business days.

10. What is the maximum weight for a 139express package?

The maximum weight for a package sent with 139express depends on which of their services you use. Our website includes the weight limits for each of their services, making it easy for you to choose the best option for your needs. The standard limit is 50kg, however restrictions may apply for heavier shipments. Additionally, any packages over the stated weight limit may be subject to additional fees, depending on the service selected.

11. What is the cost of 139express First-Class Mail?

The current price for sending packages with 139express First-Class Mail is listed on our website, along with any applicable discounts or promotions. These prices may fluctuate based on the size and weight of the package being sent. Additionally, there may be extra charges for services such as package pickup, delivery confirmation, and insurance.

12. What is 139express Media Mail?

139express Media Mail is an economical shipping option that is best used to send books, CDs, DVDs, and other media items. At track123.com, we show the estimated delivery times and costs of sending packages with this service, enabling you to determine if it is the right choice for your item. This service also offers tracking numbers to track the progress of the shipment, along with some insurance coverage in the case of loss or damage.

13. How to stop 139express mail forwarding?

It's easy to cancel an active mail forwarding request with 139express by following the steps outlined on our website, such as submitting a written request to the Post Office and confirming the cancellation with the Postmaster if necessary. Additionally, customers can contact the Post Office directly to inquire about changing the forwarding address or extending the forwarding period, along with any other specific shipping requests.

14. What is the difference between 139express Priority Mail and First-Class Mail?

We provide a comprehensive comparison between Priority Mail and First-Class Mail on our website, illustrating the differences in cost, delivery time, and other features. Priority Mail is the more prompt option, usually arriving within 1-3 days, and offers tracking numbers and insurance coverage up to a certain value. In contrast, First-Class Mail tends to be more affordable but slower (3-5 days) and doesn't come with any extra features, such as tracking numbers and insurance. However, First-Class Mail offers the widest weight range, allowing you to send packages up to 70lbs, compared to Priority Mail’s maximum of 30lbs.

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