Aramex tracking

Aramex tracking

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1. How to track an Aramex package?

Tracking an Aramex package is easy and can be done by logging onto our website at and entering the tracking code from the shipment notification into the search bar. This will display all current information regarding the package's whereabouts, when it was dispatched, and estimated delivery time, allowing you to stay in touch with its progress and plan accordingly for its arrival.

2. How long do Aramex packages take to arrive?

The transit times of Aramex packages will depend on the chosen service. To understand the various transit periods that apply, visit the website for more information, enabling you to make the most informed decision about the timetable that satisfies your specific needs and expectations.

3. What does "In Transit, Arriving Late" mean on Aramex tracking?

“In Transit, Arriving Late” is an indication that there has been an unexpected delay in the delivery, which could be due to a number of reasons such as inclement weather or directional issues. Our website at provides detailed information regarding the reason for the holdup and any potential effect it may have on the date of delivery, as well as offering feasible approaches to managing the situation.

4. Is it possible to amend the delivery address of a package with Aramex?

Yes, changing a delivery address with Aramex is possible. offers a comprehensive tutorial to walk customers through the procedure of submitting a request to revise an incorrect address when shipping, as well as how to make the necessary adjustments without complications.

5. How do I make a claim for a lost package from Aramex?

If your Aramex shipment fails to reach the intended receiver, then you may be able to receive compensation from the courier company. Our website at hosts an extensive guide on the compensation procedure, the eligibility requirements that must be met to get the reimbursement, and the documents needed to accompany the application, so that the process is done accurately and in good time.

6. What does "Delivered to Agent" signify on Aramex tracking?

This signifies that the package has been handed over to another individual who is responsible for transporting it to its final destination. To access more information about the appointed transporter and discover where it is located currently, go to the website; this timesaver allows you to figure out precisely where it is going and when it should get there without issue.

7. How to organize a pickup of a package via Aramex?

For comprehensive instructions on how to organize the pickup of a package using Aramex, refer to the directions available on our website. Following these steps means that your items are sent straight away to the recipient, preventing any unnecessary errors.

8. What is Aramex Priority Delivery?

Aramex Priority Delivery is a reliable and secure shipping solution, featuring coverage and tracking. Visit the website for a thorough explanation of this service, such as transit times and fees, giving you all the resources needed to determine the optimal option for you.

9. How do I apply for a refund from Aramex?

Our website provides an instructive tutorial guiding customers through the process of submitting a request for a refund from Aramex. If seeking reimbursement, there are specific conditions that must be met and it is essential to follow the right steps to complete the form correctly and attach all the relevant documentation with the application.

10. What is the maximum weight limit for an Aramex package?

The maximum weight limit for Aramex packages may differ according to the service selected. contains all the weight restrictions for each option, making it easy to find the ideal package for the job.

11. What is the cost of Aramex First-Class Delivery?

Our website outlines the cost of Aramex First-Class Delivery, and also offers bulk discounts, giving you the opportunity to optimize your budget according to expenses and the services that provide the most value for your money. Here, all the data needed to make the most informed decision is presented.

12. What is Aramex Media Delivery?

Aramex Media Delivery offers a cost-effective way of sending books, CDs and DVDs. Log onto to find out info about the transit period and cost of Aramex Media Delivery, as well as advice on how to trace the progress of your certified mail, making sure that everything is obtained without any trouble.

13. How to cancel Aramex mail forwarding?

For comprehensive guidance on how to end mail forwarding using the Aramex service, refer to the instructions on our website. This details the steps to take to discontinue the forwarding process, ensuring that all mail sent is received by the desired recipient free from any complications.

14. What are the differences between Aramex Priority Delivery and First-Class Delivery?

Refer to the website for a comparison of Aramex Priority Delivery and First-Class Delivery, arming you with knowledge about their respective transit times, costs and features, enabling you to select that which is best suited to your needs and circumstances.

15. How to trace an international package with Aramex?

To monitor an international package with Aramex, just paste the tracking number into the search bar on the homepage of our website at This provides detailed updates on the present position of the package and alerts concerning any changes, allowing you to stay in the loop from the moment it is dispatched until it is inevitably received.

16. How to revise the expected delivery date for an Aramex package?

Our website carries a comprehensive tutorial on how to adjust the date of delivery for an Aramex package, detailing the steps required for requesting another date, ensuring that you are kept up to speed on any modifications and that your parcel reaches its end point on the specified day.

17. What is Aramex Certified Delivery?

Aramex Certified Delivery supplies evidence of sending vital documents and other items, as well as confirmation of receipt. Head to for data about the transit period and fees of Aramex Certified Delivery, as well as guidance on how to monitor the status of your certified mail, making certain that everything is acquired without any difficulties.

18. How to open an Aramex PO Box?

To open an Aramex PO Box, has a tutorial which outlines the steps necessary for selecting and reserving the box at your local post office, making sure that you are provided with all the relevant details to receive your mail without any issues.

19. How to conduct a change of address with Aramex?

Visit for information on how to start a change of address with Aramex, ensuring that you take the required actions to make certain that all of your mail is sent to the new address, eliminating any unnecessary confusion or issues.

20. How to check the Aramex holiday schedule?

We give thorough information about the Aramex holiday schedule, including the days that Aramex sets aside as holidays and how these days may effect the collection and delivery of your mail, giving you the capacity to make any necessary modifications to your mailing plans.

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