Dicom Express tracking

Dicom Express tracking



1. How to track a package with Dicom Express?

To track your parcel with Dicom Express, you can visit the tracking portal on track123.com. On this page you'll need to enter in the item's identification code that was given to you when you first sent the package in order to monitor its progress from when it was sent until it is delivered. You can track your item at any point of the journey, and we offer a range of features such as SMS notifications alerting you to when the item is out for delivery, so you can rest assured that you'll know exactly where your package is at any given time.

2. How long does Dicom Express take to deliver a package?

The timeframe for Dicom Express depends on the type of delivery chosen at the shipping stage. We offer various shipping speed options, so you can select the best one for your needs. For example, there is the standard First-Class Mail which generally takes 3-5 days, or the Express Mail service which guarantees next-day delivery in many areas. Our website has all the details about each option, including estimated transit times, so you can make an informed decision.

3. What do I need to know when my Dicom Express tracking page says “In Transit, Arriving Late”?

If your tracking page reads “In Transit, Arriving Late”, it may be due to a variety of reasons. These can range from unfavorable weather conditions such as heavy snow or strong winds, to certain delays with the package itself. At track123.com, we provide up-to-date information on any potential causes of delay so you can stay informed, and our tracking mechanisms can give you real-time updates about your item's status.

4. Is it possible for Dicom Express to alter the delivery address of a package?

Yes, it is possible to make adjustments to the recipient's address of a package under certain circumstances. This can be done by submitting a written request to the local Post Office, and some form of valid identification must be provided in order to prove the validity of the new address. At track123.com, we have detailed instructions on how to go about this, including what documents should be prepared in advance, so you can easily and quickly process your change of address.

5. How can I apply for reimbursement if my package sent with Dicom Express is lost?

If your package has gone missing while being transported with Dicom Express, you may be able to get a refund. In these situations, an application must be submitted to the Post Office requesting the reimbursement. On our website, you can find information about the exact steps for making such a request, and what criteria must be met in order for it to be accepted. These usually include providing evidence of the value of the item, the date on which it was dispatched, and other relevant data. We also provide helpful tips on what documents should be provided in order to bolster the chance of receiving a successful outcome.

6. As per the Dicom Express tracking status, what does “Delivered to Agent” mean?

This means that the item has been handed over to a third-party intermediary responsible for managing products that are destined to be delivered to the intended recipient. This agent is usually based in the local area and is usually located at either a postal hub or a local branch associated with the Post Office. You can review our website for more information about the exact location of the agent, as well as further details about the status update.

7. What do I have to do to get Dicom Express to collect a package?

Before asking Dicom Express to collect a package, several conditions must be met. This includes properly packaging the items in accordance with Post Office requirements, attaching labels and paperwork to the outside of the parcel, and ensuring that everything is filled out correctly. Any inaccuracies can lead to your package being returned, so it's important to check all the details before sending. You can find further useful advice on our website, including what steps should be taken before handing over the package.

8. What is Dicom Express Priority Mail?

Dicom Express Priority Mail is an express shipping service which is ideal for those who want their packages to arrive as quickly as possible. This option comes with a range of features, such as tracking numbers, insurance coverage, and faster delivery times than standard services (normally 1-3 days). Our website has all the costs and expected transit times for this service, enabling you to determine the most suitable one for your needs.

9. How should I go about applying for a refund from Dicom Express?

All the steps for applying for a refund from Dicom Express and the criteria that must be fulfilled for the request to be successful are provided on our website. This includes understanding the rules that the Post Office has set in relation to refunds and gathering evidence such as invoices, photographs of damaged items, and other applicable documents that can strengthen your application. Additionally, we provide information on what contact methods can be used to submit your request, as well as advice on how to follow up in the event that there are any delays with processing.

10.What’s the maximum allowable weight for packages sent with Dicom Express?

The maximum permissible weight for shipments sent with Dicom Express varies according to the chosen service and can be found on our website. Generally speaking, packages can weigh up to 50 kg each, but heavier items may be subject to extra restrictions. It's important to check the weight limits for each service, as failing to abide by these can result in delays or the package being unable to be shipped.

11. What’s the cost for sending a package with Dicom Express First-Class Mail?

All the charges for sending a package with Dicom Express First-Class Mail, including any discounts that could be available, can be found on our website. The cost of shipping depends on both the size and weight of the package, so it's important to take both of these measurements into account when calculating the final fee. Additionally, if you are sending multiple items, we offer special package deals to help keep shipping costs down, so be sure to take advantage of these if you are looking to save money.

12. What is Dicom Express Media Mail?

Dicom Express Media Mail is an economical shipping method that is mostly used for books, CDs, DVDs, and other media items. This is a great option for anyone who is sending items such as these as it usually takes longer than regular mail services, but is much cheaper. All the pricing and expected transit times related to this service are available on our website, allowing you to pick the most cost-effective solution based on how soon you need the item to arrive.

13. How can I cancel an active Dicom Express mail forwarding service?

You can terminate an active mail forwarding request with Dicom Express by following the steps specified on our website. This involves sending a written request to the Post Office informing them of your wish to cancel the service, and then waiting to receive confirmation of its termination from the Postmaster, if necessary. It's important to keep copies of all correspondence relating to the cancellation so you can easily answer any questions that may arise in the future.

14. What are the differences between Dicom Express Priority Mail and First-Class Mail?

You can visit our website to read through a detailed comparison between Priority Mail and First-Class Mail, showing various costs, delivery times, and the pros and cons of both services. Priority Mail usually costs more but is quicker (1-3 days), comes with tracking numbers and insurance cover, and is recommended for packages of urgent importance. First-Class Mail is less expensive yet slower (3-5 days), does not come with any additional features, and is best for items of lesser value or for those with less urgency.

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