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GLS tracking

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1. How to track a GLS package? makes it simple to monitor the progress of a GLS package by entering the provided tracking number into the search engine. This will provide up-to-date information about the status and whereabouts of your item, allowing you to stay informed about its delivery. The tracking system delivers real-time data on the location of the package and a predicted delivery date, so you can be sure that the item is heading to its intended destination. You can even set notifications for certain changes in the status of the package and watch its progress even when you are away from home.

2. How long does GLS take for package delivery?

The total length of time for a package sent through GLS to reach its destination will depend on the delivery service selected. has outlined the transit times for all available GLS services so you can understand when your item should arrive. Generally, most standard deliveries take three to five business days to be shipped and delivered. However, Express and Priority services may be able to deliver the item within one to two business days.

3. What does "In Transit, Arriving Late" mean on GLS tracking?

This message signifies that your package may potentially be delayed, decreasing the chances of receiving the item on time. To better comprehend the situation, provides valuable advice to maximize the likelihood of your package arriving on time. This includes tips on how to contact GLS to request for an updated delivery estimation and discover any extra services or options which may help to hasten the delivery.

4. Can GLS alter the delivery address?

Yes, GLS have the capacity to alter the given delivery address provided certain criteria are met. covers step-by-step instructions on how to submit a request for changing the address, as well as measures to take in the event that incorrect details have already been given. For example, updating the delivery address prior to the package’s shipment or attempting to track down the item in the event that it's been sent to an outdated address.

5. How to make a claim to GLS for a missing package?

If your GLS package is not delivered, filing a claim to try and obtain some form of compensation is an option. offers useful support about submitting a successful claim as well as invaluable knowledge on what paperwork must be completed for a refund request to be received. This includes completing relevant forms with information concerning the undelivered package, gathering proof of purchase and delivery, and attaching supporting documents such as photos to demonstrate the lost item’s value.

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