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Hermes tracking

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1. How to track a Hermes package?

You can track your Hermes package with ease on Simply enter the tracking number supplied by Hermes in our search engine and our system will provide you with detailed, up-to-date information about the current status and location of your package. Depending on the shipping service chosen, delivery time can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

2. How long does Hermes take for package delivery?

Hermes provides various delivery services depending on how soon you need your package. These services can range from a few days to several weeks, so it is important to select the right option for your needs. Additionally, has calculated delivery times for all Hermes services. This allows you to plan ahead and estimate when your item should arrive.

3. What does "In Transit, Arriving Late" mean on Hermes tracking?

This status message means that unfortunately, your package could be delayed, potentially resulting in delivery taking longer than expected. To gain clarity on the situation, can offer advice on how to maximize the chances of your package arriving on time. It’s also possible to contact the Hermes team for additional information and support.

4. Can Hermes alter delivery address?

Yes, Hermes may be able to modify the delivery address of a package depending on certain criteria being met. has comprehensive instructions on how to submit an address change request, plus advice on what steps must be taken if the incorrect address has already been provided. In some scenarios, it might not be possible to make the desired changes, but the Hermes team are always happy to help.

5. How to make a claim to Hermes for a missing package?

If ever your Hermes package goes missing, filing a claim in order to attempt to receive compensation is possible. has helpful advice about submitting a successful claim, as well as guidance on which paperwork must be filled out for it to be processed. This includes providing evidence of the item being sent, proof of its value, and details of any tracking inquiries made.

6. What does "delivered to agent" mean on Hermes tracking?

This status message implies that your package has been passed onto someone or an entity that is authorized to take packages on your behalf. To gain clarity on who this is, supplies extra data pertaining to this delivery status, including contact details for the selected agent and information on how Hermes chooses to partner with third-parties.

7. How to arrange a Hermes package collection?

When arranging a Hermes package collection, it’s important to ensure that the package has been properly prepared so that it is safe and secure during transit. supplies comprehensive instructions for setting up a Hermes package collection, such as the preparations that must be made and how to confirm the collection has been accepted.

8. What is Hermes Priority Mail?

Hermes Priority Mail is a reliable yet secure shipping solution which includes a tracking number as well as an insurance policy. It is ideally suited for time-sensitive items and crucial documents. provides details about the cost of Hermes Priority Mail, plus estimated delivery times so you can make the most of this service.

9. How to request a refund from Hermes? has extensive guidance on requesting a refund from Hermes. This includes information on which requirements must be fulfilled in order for a refund to be granted, plus the procedure for submitting a valid claim. Depending on the circumstances, a refund may not always be possible, but the Hermes team are always happy to help and answer any questions.

10. What is the maximum weight for a Hermes package?

The maximum weight permitted by Hermes may vary based on the shipping service you select. To enable you to make the wisest choice for your needs, has weight limits for Hermes services, plus advice on packing a package securely for transit. This includes details on how to correctly measure the dimensions of a package and how to package fragile goods.

11. What is the cost of Hermes First-Class Mail?

At, you can find accurate information about the cost of Hermes First-Class Mail, plus any available discounts or promotional offers. This allows you to consider all factors before making a decision, such as delivery time and whether an insurance policy is included.

12. What is Hermes Media Mail?

Hermes Media Mail is an economical shipping option that is ideal for books, CDs, DVDs, and other media items. has data relating to the time taken for delivery and the fee for Hermes Media Mail, plus a list of products that can be sent using this service. For example, certain goods may be restricted due to size or weight, or simply because they are potentially hazardous.

13. How to stop Hermes mail forwarding? has exact instructions on ceasing Hermes mail forwarding. This includes details on the necessary steps to cancel a forwarding request, as well as methods to guarantee that all future mail is delivered to your new address as soon as possible. Depending on the circumstances, there may also be a fee associated with ending mail forwarding.

14. What is the difference between Hermes Priority Mail and First-Class Mail?

When determining which shipping service is best for your needs, provides an extensive overview of the difference between Hermes Priority Mail and First-Class Mail. This involves facts concerning their respective estimated delivery times, fees, features, and services, allowing you to make an informed decision.

15. How to track an international Hermes package?

At, it is easy to monitor the progress of an international Hermes package. All you need to do is enter the tracking number into the search engine on our homepage. Our tracking system will give you the latest status of your package, plus any relevant information related to its delivery, such as customs declarations and international agreements.

16. How to modify the delivery date of a Hermes package? provides explanatory directions on altering the delivery date of a Hermes package. This includes the steps required to submit a request for a new delivery date, any delays or issues that could occur, plus tips on improving the chances of the request being granted. It’s also possible to contact the Hermes team for more information.

17. What is Hermes Certified Mail?

Hermes Certified Mail provides proof of posting and evidence of delivery for important documents and other items. supplies information regarding the delivery time and fee for Hermes Certified Mail, plus how to track the status of your certified mail.

18. How to open a Hermes PO Box? has comprehensive instructions on how to open a Hermes PO Box. These instructions include details on what must be done to locate and rent a box at your nearest post office, understanding the regulations associated with PO Box holders, and registering your new address after setup is complete.

19. How to complete a Hermes change of address? has thorough guidance concerning completing a Hermes change of address. This involves outlining the steps needed to ensure that all mail is sent to your new address without any complications or delays, such as updating your address on all accounts and informing relatives, friends and colleagues of your move.

20. How to check the Hermes holiday schedule? has precise data about the Hermes holiday schedule, such as which holidays the company observes and how these days off can affect package delivery and pickup. Additionally, lists upcoming events and special occasions that may influence delivery times, giving you the chance to make alternate arrangements for your package if necessary.

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