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1. How to track an IML Logistics package?

Tracking your delivery using is simple and easy to do. Simply enter your package's tracking number on the homepage, which will give you instant updates on its journey, potential discounts, expected time of arrival, and any potential issues it may face during transit. You can also use the Advanced Tracking feature to gain access to full tracking history and view detailed reports including shipping cost and shipment progress.

2. How long does IML Logistics typically take for delivery?

Delivery times can vary depending on the chosen service and the delivery address. provides an estimated range of delivery times for IML Logistics packages, as well as advice to ensure your item arrives on time. You can also see real-time information about the current status of your package and any warnings about delays or problems with delivery.

3. What does “In Transit, Arriving Late” signify on IML Logistics tracking?

This status indicates that the package is unlikely to reach its intended destination on time, as per IML Logistics standards. Our website has strategies and policies designed to prevent this from happening, along with useful steps to take if the package does not arrive at its expected time. These include getting in touch with customer service to check the latest updates and find out if the delivery can be rerouted to a later date.

4. Is it possible to adjust the shipping address for an IML Logistics package?

Depending on the situation, it may be possible to alter the address related with the IML Logistics package. contains comprehensive instructions for how to correct an incorrect address, setup a new one, and make sure it is accurate before submitting details to IML Logistics. Please note that changes to the delivery address must be completed before the item is shipped, or extra fees may be incurred.

5. How can I receive compensation for a lost package through IML Logistics?

All the relevant documents and forms to register a mislaid package claim with IML Logistics can be found on our site, together with contact details to assist in quick resolution. Additionally, our website features helpful advice to simplify the process, such as gathering evidence of non-receipt and finding out if the package was insured when shipping.

6. What does “Delivered to agent” indicate on IML Logistics tracking?

This implies that the item has been transferred to someone other than IML Logistics after being in the shipper's possession. Our website provides complete guidance on what to do next, such as establishing who the intended recipient is and how to keep the package secure. The recipient should also get in touch with their chosen agent to learn more about its whereabouts.

7. What is the best way to arrange for an IML Logistics package pick-up?

If customers would like to collect their item from an IML Logistics outlet, we provide step-by-step instructions on our website about how to organize the pick-up – including when the package will be ready, any special packaging needs, and the necessary contact details from IML Logistics to coordinate the arrangement. We also provide advice on how to make sure the item is correctly labeled and securely placed at the collection point to avoid any delays.

8. What is IML Logistics Priority Mail?

IML Logistics Priority Mail offers customers tracking and coverage benefits, as well as a fast shipping service. displays the fees involved with IML Logistics Priority Mail, together with any available discounts which could decrease delivery costs. This option also includes a tracking number so customers can monitor the status of their package even when away from the computer.

9. How do I submit a reimbursement request to IML Logistics? makes submitting a refund request to IML Logistics straightforward and hassle-free – our website has all the essential details required to be eligible for repayment, including the data that must be included and the measures to take for speedy processing. For more information, customers can also contact IML Logistics directly to get assistance in filing a claim.

10. What is the maximum weight allowable for an IML Logistics package?

The weight limits for IML Logistics packages depend on the chosen service. Our website includes clear limits for all IML Logistics options to help customers find the right delivery option – especially for international shipments. Customers should also remember to add any additional packing materials, such as bubble wrap and cardboard, to their package as these may increase the overall weight allowance.

11. What is the cost for IML Logistics First-Class Mail?

To make it easier to calculate IML Logistics First-Class Mail expenses, we list both the current prices and any discounts which could reduce shipping costs. Customers can also opt for optional features to further reduce delivery costs, such as insurance and delivery notification.

12. What is IML Logistics Media Mail?

IML Logistics Media Mail is an economical method of sending books, CDs, DVDs, and other multimedia items. Our website has the transit times and cost of IML Logistics Media Mail – together with any current deals to minimize delivery costs. Customers should also double-check that the content they are sending meets the qualifying criteria to send a package via Media Mail, such as only including books and educational materials.

13. How do I cancel IML Logistics mail forwarding?

Customers can refer to our website for the information they need to cancel a mail forwarding service set up with IML Logistics – from preventing mail from being sent to the old address, to getting in touch with IML Logistics to confirm that the cancellation is complete, and making sure that the forwarding plan has been effectively terminated. Customers should also remember to fill out the necessary forms to completely close the mail forwarding plan.

14. What are the differences between IML Logistics Priority Mail and First-Class Mail?

For customers' convenience, our website has the cost and transit time of both services, along with any promotions which can reduce shipping fees. We also provide advice on how to select a safe and more cost-effective delivery option, including weighing the package size and weight and guaranteeing it reaches the end point intact. In addition, Priority Mail offers more benefits than First-Class Mail such as guaranteed service, a tracking number and delivery confirmation, and additional insurance coverage.

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