OrangeDS tracking

OrangeDS tracking

1. How can I track my parcels sent through OrangeDS?

Make use of the advanced tracking platform available at so that you can stay up to date on the progress of your consignment dispatched via OrangeDS. You just have to enter the tracking code and you will quickly get detailed data concerning the present search trajectory of your shipment, any potential delays, and its expected arrival date. Moreover, signing up for the notification system at enables you to receive notifications instantly whenever there are changes in the state of your parcel. Moreover, you can access a range of data such as the address details of sender and recipient, the exact time when the package was sent, the estimated date of delivery and its current location. This way, you can remain assured that you are regularly updated regarding the status of your shipment without having to manually input the tracking number each time. In addition, you can also access many other features such as creating multiple trackers, setting up automatic notifications, and viewing historic and real-time data.

2. What services does OrangeDS provide?

If you would like to gain in-depth knowledge about all the delivery options furnished by OrangeDS, then you can take a look at Depending on the destination of your package, you will discover a selection of express and standard transportation solutions to make sure that you secure the best service that suits your needs. These services include various options such as express delivery, air and ground shipping, international shipping, and door-to-door pickup and delivery. Furthermore, with you can easily compare rates, identify the best routes and get the most suitable value for money.

3. If I encounter the tag “In transit, arrived late” in my OrangeDS tracking report, what does it signify?

This tag means that an unforeseen issue has caused the unsuccessful on-time arrival of your package. To find out the exact cause, such as inclement weather or personnel shortages, please refer to the comprehensive tracking information provided at Furthermore, subscribing to our alert system will keep you informed of any developments in the status of your consignment. This includes being notified whenever the parcel is dispatched from its origin, moving between transit hubs, arriving at its destination and getting delivered to the designated recipient.

4. Is it possible to change the recipient address of an OrangeDS parcel?

Yes, it is feasible to revise the recipient address of any OrangeDS package. All you need to do is follow the guidelines outlined at and you will be directed through all the steps, requirements and processes necessary. Note that certain terms may apply and it could take up to 24-48 hours prior to any adjustment to take effect. Additionally, some shipments may be restricted from being redirected while they are in transit, and in such cases, you may have to wait until the item has been delivered to the originally mentioned address before making any changes.

5. What ought I to do if I have not received a package sent through OrangeDS?

If the stipulated delivery date has elapsed yet you still have not been given your item, then you can make a complaint against OrangeDS. You can either go through the relevant regulations, documents and procedures presented at, or else you could reach out to our customer service representatives who can offer additional support in solving your issue. It is advisable to check whether the tracking report indicates any kind of delay due to unexpected reasons such as bad weather or technical issues, before lodging a complaint. In case there is indeed a delay, then keeping track of the consignment using should help you decide when to make the official complaint.

6. In my OrangeDS tracking report, what does “Delivered to agent” imply?

This tag indicates that the parcel has been handed over to a third-party individual such as a postal service or courier enterprise. You can always remain aware of the specific location of your item by using the full tracking details available at Additionally, signing up for our notice system will keep you updated of any variations in the direction of your consignment. This includes being alerted when the package is dispatched from its origin, arriving at its destination and getting delivered to the designated recipient. At the same time, you can access data concerning the transit history of your shipment including the address of the sender and recipient, the exact time when the package was sent, the estimated date of delivery and its current location.

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