Shopify app

Comprehensively improve
buyer shopping experience

Improve customer loyalty through excellent post-purchase service processes
Key features
Improve buyer shopping experience and boost sales
No more customer service questions about shipment tracking
Branded tracking page
Available for both Shopify OS1.0 and OS2.0 themes with multiple templates and multiple languages
Handy order status manager
Post-purchase email marketing
Shipping & marketing reports
PayPal tracking info synchronization
Why Track123?
Track123 helps tens of thousands of Shopify merchants
Reduce customer service inquiries
Track123's automated shipment tracking process streamlines all aspects of tracking, saving you up to 15 hours per week on customer service tickets
Reduce chargebacks
Identify trends and quickly resolve delivery issues, reduce the risk of chargebacks and improve customer satisfaction
Optimize marketing campaigns
Track123 provides valuable insights into customer behavior and shipping performance, helps you optimize marketing campaigns
Improve customer repurchase rate
Drive more customers back to your store with track123’s email system and boost sales with the tracking page intelligent product recommendation
Integrate with your most used carrier & best-loved apps
To optimize the customer post-purchase experience, Track123 has integrated with multiple famous apps and 1400+ carriers for your quick start
Optimize store operations in multiple dimensions
Track123 impact on your store
Reduction in tracking enquiries
Email notification open rate
Improvement of repurchase rate
Customer in-store duration
Your online tracking solution
Track your package anywhere, anytime